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There the variety of music and the literal folk tradition is revealed. In every popular festival you will experience unknown emotions by taking part or watching the ancient local dances, the different kinds of live music, the Sitian "kontilies" (the mastery of the lyre) and "mantinades" the old or improvised folk Cretan couplets, traditions in which Sitians the born revellers are unrivalled. Usually simple or casual meetings of locals or foreigners turn out to become a party.


Kornaria Festival is a series of summer cultural events that take place at the Venetian Fortress and Kazarma and at the Multicenter the Municipality of Sitia and throughout the area of the Municipality of Sitia. Kornaria were first launched in 1984 and so far have shown a wide range of events such as musical events, theatrical performances, lectures of cultural affairs, painting and photography exhibitions and more. Kornaria include sporting events as well, such as the Kornareios Dromos, which is 10 km race with participating athletes from all over Greece, and Beach Volley matches. The main goal of Kornaria is to elevate the cultural values of the area and residents of Sitia, but also the presentation of the Cretan culture to visitors and promote tourism in general. The Kornaria Festival even include a series of events held in several villages of the municipality of Sitia such as the "Rakokazana" (traditional distillation of raki) held in October and November, but also the celebration of Klidona in late June.

Feasts & Festivals

Mid June - Tourloti - Loquat Festival.
The Loquat Festival is organized  in mid June in Tourloti Sitia by the Cultural Association of Tourloti. The festival takes place in the central square and lasts 10 days, among other it includes traditional dances and performances of Cretan folk music performed by famous Cretan bands.

Last week of June - Sitia - Maritime Week
During the last week of June many sailing competitions and lectures are held and musical and dance performances as part of Maritime Week. The Maritime Week is organized every two years by the Navy General Staff and the Port Authority of Sitia.

End of July - Piskokefalo - Corn Festival
The Corn Festival  in held in late July in Piskokefalo Sitia by the Cultural Association of Piskokefalo. The festival takes place in the central square of the village and includes feasting with local delicacies and traditional music performed by famous bands and lyre players.

20-22/9 - Sitia - Festival entitled: "Local Products: Nutritional and Therapeutic Properties"
In September the Municipality of Sitia , in cooperation with the Development Agency of Sitia and the Department of Nutrition and Dietics, TEI of Crete organizes the Festival entitled: "Local Products: Nutritional and Therapeutic Properties". During the festival an exhibition of local products and tasting of the area of Sitia along with the partner regions, which are: Lassithi Plateau, Chios and the area of the Troodos mountain of Cyprus. Also a demonstration of Cretan cuisine by renowned chefs with creative suggestions for how to include local products in modern cooking. The festival contains various other interesting events such as: lectures, visits to places of production and packaging of local products, cultural events with traditional music and dance, photography and painting exhibitions, graffiti competitions, interactive musical and theatrical games for kids etc.

25/11 - Sitia - Religious feast of Saint Catherine, the patron saint of the town of Sitia
On the 25th of November the religious feast of Saint Catherine, the patron saint of the town of Sitia, after the religious ceremony, a race "Laikos Dromos" is held, involving citizens and athletes making the around city of the city of Sitia. This event is organized by the Sports Organization of the Municipality of Sitia.

Religious Festivals

On the following dates feasts and festivals are carried out by the residents to celebrate the patron Saint of the area.
Events take place in the village central square or the courtyard of the school and include feasting and cretan folk music performed by local artists

23/4 - in the village of Sitanos, in the ruined village Steps - Feast of St. George
17/7 - in the villages Exo Mouliana and Myrsine - Feast of St. Marina
20/7 - in the village of Mesa Mouliana - Feast of the Prophet Elijah
26/7 - in the villages Ziros and Trinity - Feast of Saint Paraskevi
27/7 - in the villages Rousa church Chamezi and Schinokapsala - Feast of St. Panteleimon
 6/8 - in villages Exo Mouliana, Agios Stefanos and Zakros - Feast of the Transfiguration
15/8 - in the villages Palaikastron, Lastros, Piskokefalo, Tourloti, Sitanos - Feast of Our Lady                                                                                                   15/8 - in the village Paraspori, in the exquisite natural location "Kato Vrisi" - Feast of Our Lady
29/8 - in the village Ziros - Feast of St John
 8/9 - the village Lithines - Feast of Our Lady
14/9 - the village Sfaka - Feast of the Cross
17/9 - the village Armenooi - Feast of St. Sophia
9/12 - the village Piskokefalo - Feast of St. Anne
June ( movable feast ) - villages Palaikastron and Agia Triada - Trinity Feast
50 days after Easter - Armeni - Feast of the Holy Spirit