Natural Beauties

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The Tetralogy of the Sitian Nature

The Sitia province, thanks to its climate, its geological formations, and its pristine nature is an ideal place to experience the four elements that form the world in their most ancient form and power: Earth, Water, Air, and Light. The earth, high in the mountains of the mainland, the water, in the seas of the endless beaches and the small islands surrounding it, the air in the sides and tops of the hills, and the light, the powerful and living sun in the beaches and the open horizons of the East and the South.

Bare mountain slopes, stone hills, wild gorges and caves, compose a landscape where as the ground is parched by the sun, the rocks are carved by the wind and the rain, wild and ambiguous colors reflect the light and expel a blinding, unprecedented blaze. Here is where one can feel the irresistible power of the earth. An earth that created stubborn and sensitive people, who loved her as the Great Goddess, the true Great Mother, the Mother Earth of the Minoans.

The warm, summer nights in the beaches of Sitia fill you with unknown scents and strange sounds. Here one feels that this place is committed to receive the experiences and the breaths of the deep blue of the sea that surrounds it. A strong power makes one bring to mind the bright Minoan frescos that represent the inhabitants of the Earth, the Sky, and the Water, where the color blue prevails and revives a world that belongs to mythology, revealing the sounds, the light and the scents of a lost Atlantis.

Following the route that crosses the Sitian mountains, passing through villages built on the top of mountain chains where strong north winds blow, makes you wonder what the secret of the tenacity of this place is. What are the dreams and the unspoken desires that compose the past, the present and the future of these people, who insist on testing their limits everyday. If you find yourself on these windy mountain villages of Sitia some August night, then you will understand that the experience of this route is a way to feel your own soul reviving, taking pleasure from unprecedented senses.

In the East shores of Crete the dominance of the sun is revealed, a sun too powerful to ignore. A sun whose light enhances the senses of the visitor. The shores of Sitia, Itanos, Vai, Palekastro, Zakros, Xerokambos, Goudouras, Makry Gialos, Koutsouras, Mohlos, Dionusades, Elasas, Leukis, Psuras, and Ag. Nikolaos in Mohlos, all have their own seducing power. Here is where the fire of the sun rises every morning, offering itself to nature; the most meaningful and worthy act of nature, as ancient as the sea and the sun.