Means of transport in Sitia

  • Means of Trasnport in Sitia

Sitia can be reached by two major road routes. The first snakes along the north coast from the west (follow the Sitia signs at the road junction at Pachia Ammos) passing through traditional villages perched high on the mountainside and glorying in the perfect marriage of land and sea. In the summer months it is a riot of colour owing to the rhododendron and broom planted by the side of the road.

The south road from Ierapetra offers a different experience. It clings to the coast with its beautiful little coves and sandy beaches and then suddenly swings inland over mountains redolent of the sights and scents of Africa. It goes through gorges, across streams and valleys, winds round rocky outcrops and brings the traveller safely to Sitia.

From here, a good road network takes the visitor to the the villages and other places of interest in the area. Please be careful to observe the road signs and don't forget to stop the car once in a while and take a look at the stunning scenery unfolding around you!

Sitia can be reached in two ways. The first is from Ierapetra in the south cutting across the region of Sitia from the Libyan Sea to the Sea of Crete in the north. The road winds along the coast with its charming coves and majestic bays. The other route is along the north coast from the west, a route which takes you through the picturesque villages of the region.

Whichever way you decide to reach the welcoming embrace of Sitia, there is a timetabled bus route with the public bus company KTEL. The buses are modern and comfortable and you will reach your destination in perfect safety along routes of stunning scenery. Once you arrive in Sitia, all the villages and areas of interest can also be reached by bus.